Overcoming the new start-up knowledge gaps

The journey and development of Annie Hall Ltd

We often talk about our Launch, Grow & Scale model and how we help start-up and small businesses release their potential, but sometimes it can be difficult to convey how we can truly help a business on their growth journey, so we thought we would feature the case study of a start-up business that we helped support, from planting the initial seed, to the point of moving into the 3rd trading year.

Welcome Annie Hall Limited….

Annie Hall – The Brand

Annie Hall of Annie Hall Limited is a knowledgeable web designer and marketing consultant based in West Sussex. Having set up as a first-time business owner in 2019, she wanted to focus on helping small, local and start-up businesses create websites that looked beautiful, were easy to use but also scalable as the business grew, whilst providing high-level responsive customer service (something lacking in the sector)

Anne Hall – The face behind the brand

The Problem

As it was the first time Annie had worked for herself, she needed guidance on where to start, what essential decisions needed to be made and all the requirements associated with running a business. Although she had attended webinars and some online courses and networking events, she wanted personalised help that was easily accessible and tailored to her requirements. She had 20 + years of digital, web and marketing experience but it had all been corporate, so it was a very different environment and she needed help navigating it.

Mapping out the problem

How we helped:

Starting from scratch we provided guidance on the pros and cons of setting up as a sole trader versus a limited company, and with Annie’s subsequent decision to set up as a limited company, we assisted her in registering with Companies House and HMRC whilst helping develop pricing models, giving basic accountancy advice and guidance regarding bookkeeping processes; alongside introducing her to contacts that could help.

Following brainstorming and planning for business growth and marketing; we researched sources of investment and successfully assisted in securing Local authority LEAP funding applications for years 1 & 2 as well as a British Bank Funding Loan in 2021 which enabled the purchase of key software to assist in web design, analytics and customer data. Once funding had been obtained, we continued to carry out review sessions and regular mentoring with Annie to provide accountability, support training and personal development requirements and provide validation for business ideas.

Brainstorming to get results

The Results

Annie Hall Limited has successfully navigated their way through the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on small business and is now into their 3rd year of trading with a substantial client base. We have provided several referrals over the first 2 years of trading to help generate additional revenues. Due to relevant and timely advice, Annie has seen 38% revenue growth from year 1 to year 2 and 25% net profit growth from year 1 to year 2. She also now has confidence in her skillset and ability and is able to network without our support, building brand awareness and attracting new business leads.

Positive start-up results

Where are they now?

The year 3 business strategy involves diversifying into several new areas including web hosting and website maintenance packages, aimed at the small business owner who doesn’t have the knowledge or time to do everything themselves but needs a professional who understands their situation. This can easily be realised thanks to the help received from Newboldology.

Annie’s Testimonial

“Newboldology has been instrumental in helping me get my business off the ground. From providing practical advice about all those initial tasks you need to carry out as a start-up (registering your company, opening a business account, managing your expenses etc) to more strategic help with business planning and objective setting. Most of all they have provided a friendly ear when I’ve needed to bounce problems and ideas off someone with the experience and understanding to offer expert guidance and support. I would highly recommend them.”

Happy Client – Happy Business!

So, when we make mention that a new business is like a fledgling plant, it needs care and attention to grow, this is what we mean and how we provide small business owners, like Annie, with the attention and support they deserve.

You can read more about Annie Hall Ltd here: https://anniehallltd.co.uk/

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