What do we mean by ‘Commercial Guidance’?

Commercial guidance is a far more hands-on approach than the stereotypical image of ‘men in suits’ coming in and charging extortionate fees to review your business and tell you what you already know!!!

After working in Senior Management positions for over 20 years, it brings a lot of learning and experience (good and bad!). From the adrenaline rush of meeting that deadline, passing that audit, achieving that target, seeing consistent growth – to the sinking feeling of failure, managing a trading downturn, dropping an HR bloomer or having to let people go!

So, from all that experience we want to use this to help and support others to gain benefit from this and avoid typical pitfalls that can occur during this path. Its very difficult to provide an exhaustive list of what we can cover and offer. Let’s be fair, 20 years’ experience cannot be summarised in a few bullet points!

Being personable and getting on with people, talking and communicating professionally really helps. Applying bespoke solutions to problems means we are not just presenting business theory but offering practical and workable solutions. Some basic questions need to be asked as we conduct a business health check:

  • Give us some background to your business so we understand how its evolved?
  • What are your pain points?
  • Talk us through your business and trading?
  • Brainstorm your revenue streams, profitability and highlight opportunities?
  • Your pricing structure and model – is it working?
  • What is your 2-5-year plan for the business?
  • Are your overheads too high?
  • Are you concentrating trading efforts on the right areas?
  • Are there new products you would like to focus on?
  • Do the business processes need review to improve efficiency?
  • Are you getting value for money from suppliers?
  • Do you need to improve contracting?
  • Do you have strategies in place to succeed?
  • Is it simply you just don’t have the time and resource to step back and look at solutions?

With answers to these and other questions we can help to work with you to formulate plans and ideas to set your business on the right track to success.

Commercial guidance is not just getting the answers but presenting a personalised and workable solution to put your business on a better footing for the future with a budget conscious approach.

Our help is only a coffee and chat away!!!!

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